Handy Blender Shortcuts

Some handy Blender shortcuts and tools that I use day to day, everything from basic to advanced, in no particular order.

To frame the selected object(s) and pivot the camera around them:

. (number pad period/delete key)

To switch between Object Mode and Edit Mode:

Tab (with an object selected)

To quickly switch from Object Mode or Edit Mode to Pose Mode:

Ctrl + Tab (with an armature selected)

Note that going into Pose Mode will cause future presses of the Tab key to switch between Edit Mode and Pose Mode

To make an action animation loop:

Ctrl + E (on the graph editor with all desired channels selected) -> ‘Make Cyclic (F-Modifier)’

To Rig an Armature to a Mesh:

Select the mesh (by itself)
Select the armature
Ctrl + P
‘Armature Deform’ (Usually ‘With automatic weights’)
To reset the rotation of an object or bone:

Alt + R

To reset the position of an object or bone:

Alt + G

To reset the scale of an object or bone:

Alt + S

To apply the transformation (scale, rotation, and/or position) to an object:

Ctrl + A -> (Select the desired transformation from menu)

Play or Stop a playing animation

Alt + A

Create new object

Shift + A -> (Select the desired object from menu)

Merge two or more vertices

Alt + M -> (Select where you want the new vertex to be)

Set Pivot Center to ‘Bounding Box Center’

,/< (Comma/Less than sign key) Set Pivot Center to ‘3D Cursor’ ./> (Period/Greater than sign key)


Shift + S -> (Select whether to snap the selection or the 3D cursor and how to snap them)

Toggle ‘Snap during transform’

Shift + Tab

Select ‘Vertex’, ‘Edge’, or ‘Face’ type selection in Edit Mode:

Ctrl + Tab -> (Select between Edge, Face, or Vertex)

Toggle between Solid view or Wireframe view:


Go to Rendered view:

Shift + Z

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