Game background Cats and crows are mortal enemies and have been at war for eons. While the cats must use their technology and cunning to outwit their opponents, the crows rely on their agility and their ability to fly. The crows are divided into a handful of large families, each […]

Cats and Crows Concept Art #3 – Crows

On steam now! Stellaris Review: 3 Reasons to play Over the past week or two I’ve found myself playing a lot of Paradox Development Studio’s grand strategy game. Every time I load it up I tell myself, “Just for a minute, I’ve got shit to do.” Then its five hours later […]

3 Reasons to play Stellaris

Color Chopper Space Explosion background
Platforms:   Teaser screenshots and game play footage for a serious upcoming update to Color Chopper that puts the game deep into space! Screenshots     Game play Footage

Color Chopper – Space update (coming soon)

Some handy Blender shortcuts and tools that I use day to day, everything from basic to advanced, in no particular order. To frame the selected object(s) and pivot the camera around them: . (number pad period/delete key) To switch between Object Mode and Edit Mode: Tab (with an object selected) […]

Handy Blender Shortcuts

One way of generating a character’s speech, for something like a chatbot or an NPC in a game, instead of scripting out utterances is to statistically generate a conversation. There are many schools of thought on how to approach the subject, ranging from simple to syntax-tagging and analysis. Here we […]

Statistical Sentence Generation

From time to time I need to save or send Java Objects and the best way to do that is by serializing them into a Json formatted string. The problem is I always forget how they’re formatted even though its so simple. So here’s a few notes, more for myself […]

How to write a Json file